Saturday, January 21, 2017

Purple Half Square Triangles

After finishing our Flying Geese blocks a couple of weeks ago, my FaceTiming friend and I decided to do another Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt. So we cut and sewed a bunch of scrappy half square triangles.

This past week, we sewed them into blocks. We'll eventually make 20 of these blocks, which will finish at 12" each and go into a 4 X 5 block layout. We can work out the "to sash or not" and "borders - yes or no" at a later date.

Here are Dianne's 2 blocks:

And here are mine:

I continue to work on my RSC quilt from last year. I'm making good progress on the bow tie blocks. But I really, really wanted to see how the border was going to look. So I cut and fused the flowers for one border:

I'll post an occasional update on this quilt when there has been significant progress. I don't want to over post about. If you'd like to see how it's going or see the finished quilt, you can follow my blog ( to catch those posts. :)

I'm linking up with Angela's RSC17 at SoScrappy.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2017

I haven't finished last year's Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but I'm working on it. Meanwhile, I started this year's challenge with 5 flying geese blocks done in January's chosen color of purple. I'm working on this with a friend who lives well over 1500 miles from me. She comes to visit often - usually in the winter months because she lives in Montana and I live in Las Vegas - and we quilt (and drink wine) when she's here.

We're going to make the same quilt using our own scraps, although we will undoubtedly share some with each other. The pattern we're following is from the free patterns on the Robert Kaufman Fabrics website. It's called Remixed Geese. Shown below is the picture from the Kaufman website:

The fun part for us is that we're quilting together on FaceTime. So we can pour a glass of wine and each go to our sewing room, where we set up our iPads and get ready for some sewing, gabbing and laughing! And we can get opinions on fabric choices and squeal over each others completed blocks. She doesn't blog, so I'm going to try to get her to send me a photo of her blocks each month to add to my blog post. It'll be fun to see both scrappy versions of the same quilt!

We will make 5 blocks each month. Here are Dianne's purple flying geese:

And here are mine:

We've also decided to make a second RSC quilt using half square triangles. As soon as we get those blocks done, I'll post them.

A Finished Quilt Top

I finally finished my Maggie's First Dance quilt top.

At the beginning of this quilt along with Jacqueline Steves, I selected the fabrics to use. Three of them (shown below) came from the same line. My plan was to use the solid-ish fabrics in the quilt and the wild print for the outer border.

Very early in the process, it became quite obvious that the fabric I had selected for the border wasn't going to work. That fabric didn't look any better once the blocks were sewn together either!

I had 2 other print fabrics in this line, but they were both just as bad as the first. (I know what you're thinking: "how did she ever think any of those fabrics would work with the applique flowers in that quilt?"  And I have nothing to say in my defense! :)

In the end, I went with with the same blue-gray that I used in the blocks. I thought it would be super boring, but now that it's done I kind of like it.