Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Put a Little Love in Your Quilt

Welcome to my stop on the Put a Little Love in Your Quilt blog hop! This hop is the brain child of Carol who blogs at Just Let Me Quilt. There are so many great quilters participating, I'm sure you'll find a number of fantastic Valentine projects to add to your To-Do list.

My scrappy heart quilt was inspired by a free tutorial from Temecula Quilt Co that you can find here.

Obviously, I changed the layout a bit, but my heart blocks were made following the tutorial.

I used batik scraps for the hearts and white Kona cotton for the background. The binding is a purple batik. The finished quilt measures about 30" X 40" (which makes a perfect size for a little bus quilt!)

Here is a schedule of all the blogs participating, including yesterday's in case you missed any of those:

 February 5

Friday, February 2, 2018

Very Simple Quilts

Last weekend I felt the need to get a few bus quilts made in a short amount of time. I had these orange and green frog fabrics and I was trying to think of a quick-to-piece idea, when the thought of just sandwiching the fabrics with batting occurred to me. So I tried one and liked it. I then measured out the fabric I had left and discovered I had enough to make 4 more.

In no time at all, I had 5 little quilts that needed binding.

A cute little green "bubble" fabric would be perfect. Here are yards and yards of it wrapped around a little binding baby:

And here are the 5 finished quilts all ready to get boxed up and sent off to a chillier climate!

This brings my total to 25 little quilts.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

RSC18 and Dresden Neighborhood

This year, I'm going to try to combine 2 quilt-alongs into one. I've done a Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt for the past two years and intend on participating again this year. Persimon Dreams has a quilt along that I saw on Instagram called Dresden Neighborhood, that makes funky houses from a dresden plate quilt block.

The RSC18 color for the month of January is icy blue. I pulled as many icy blues from my stash as I could find and then added a few blues that weren't quite as pale as I would've liked, but I needed more variety.

This week, I got the "foundation" ;) of my Dresden Neighborhood in Ice Blue pretty much done.

I still need to add the center circle (I think I have some snowflakes on pale blue somewhere - just gotta find it!) and then I'll sandwich and quilt this block. I'm going to make a large quilt, but I'll be doing each block separately in a quilt-as-you-go style. There's a lot of quilting which will involve spinning these blocks around so much that it would be too unwieldy if it were full-sized.

In other news, I'll be participating in the Put a Little Love in Your Quilt blog hop Feb 5-8 at Just Let Me Quilt, with a great giveaway!

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Saturday, January 6, 2018

And 6 Makes Twenty

During a recent conversation with my daughter, I found out that she has 5 buses running at Head Start (I can't figure out why I didn't ask that question sooner). I had sent 12 little bus quilts to her before that. So now my goal is to send them in increments of 5, so there'll be at least one for each bus every time I send a box. I shipped 8 a couple of days ago to get my total to a nice, even 20.

She was here for Christmas and we were talking about the quilts. She told me that she opens the boxes with the bus drivers. I mentioned that the little garden applique quilt had turned out so much cuter than I expected and she paused and said "um.....was there a frog on it? I pulled one out of the box and just caught a glimpse of a frog's eye as it was snatched out of my hands with someone squealing 'I get that for my bus'!" She has no idea how good that made me feel. :)

I had finished two just before Christmas. Here are photos of the other 6 that were sent with them on Thursday:

One of the things I'm starting to struggle with is how to make non-kid fabrics look cute and/or whimsical. I have some kid prints, but not a ton. And my goal is to use up some of my stash, so I don't want to buy a lot of fabric. So now I'm perusing old magazines and Pinterest!

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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Moda Countdown to Christmas

So far, I have 12 of the Moda Countdown to Christmas blocks finished. I love these blocks so much, that I've been neglecting my Christmas to-do list so I could work on them.

I'm going to try and get these caught up before Christmas. After the holidays, I always seem to lose my enthusiasm for anything Christmas-y and I'm ready to get it all put away so I can move on to spring. But I really want to have this finished now so it'll be ready to put out the day after Thanksgiving!

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Best Indoor Snowballs

A few years ago, our Christmas decor was primarily snowmen. I had lots of ornaments and stuffed snowmen and figurines and wall hangings and table runners - everything "snowman". I also had fake snow to sprinkle around and the glittery felt snow table covers. I just needed some snowballs.

So digging around through my crafting/sewing stuff, I found an old piece of that white polyester quilt batting (from the days before I even knew there were different kinds of batting!). I cut a big chunk off and tried to wad it up into a ball. That didn't work at all!

But then I tried cutting it into strips and rolling the strips into a ball.  Perfect!

To make a bucket of snowballs, get a crib or twin size polyester batting from the fabric/craft store. Cut strips about an inch and a half wide by 2 or 2-1/2 feet long. (Wider strips do not work better.)  Start rolling from one end in all directions around the ball. When you get to the end, kind of stretch the batting out - without tearing it - and smooth it onto the ball.

This is one of those things that takes longer to explain than to do. It's super fast and easy. And it makes snowballs that could hit just about anything without knocking it over. Great for an indoor snowball fight!

Friday, December 15, 2017

Adding 2

I got these little bus quilts (mostly) done on Tuesday - I just had a little bit of binding that needed to be finished Wednesday. This first one is made up of a few blocks that once again I quit part way through an event. The plan was to make 20 blocks - I made 12. Nine of them found their way into this little 36" X 36" quilt:

Even though I like the blocks, I don't think they're very kid-like. Not really whimsical or bright and fun. So I added this tossed alphabet backing to try and "kid it up". Hmm...I think I like the back better than the front!

The second one I made is mostly from leftover scraps of a bundle. I added a Kona solid and came up with this simple 40" X 40" quilt:

Now I need to get back to making those darling Countdown to Christmas blocks.

Jeez, I sure hope some of those Cinderella mice are taking care of all the Christmas things that I need to be getting done!   :)

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