Friday, February 2, 2018

Very Simple Quilts

Last weekend I felt the need to get a few bus quilts made in a short amount of time. I had these orange and green frog fabrics and I was trying to think of a quick-to-piece idea, when the thought of just sandwiching the fabrics with batting occurred to me. So I tried one and liked it. I then measured out the fabric I had left and discovered I had enough to make 4 more.

In no time at all, I had 5 little quilts that needed binding.

A cute little green "bubble" fabric would be perfect. Here are yards and yards of it wrapped around a little binding baby:

And here are the 5 finished quilts all ready to get boxed up and sent off to a chillier climate!

This brings my total to 25 little quilts.


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  2. Sometimes that is all you need to do is sandwich the fabric into a quilt because its such a great pattern without cutting it up. I love seeing your "bus quilts" project. Plenty of inspiration for donation quilts.

    Grace and Peace is using a very simple 4FQ pattern for donation quilts. Perhaps this may be a great simple quilt to add to your making.