Saturday, January 6, 2018

And 6 Makes Twenty

During a recent conversation with my daughter, I found out that she has 5 buses running at Head Start (I can't figure out why I didn't ask that question sooner). I had sent 12 little bus quilts to her before that. So now my goal is to send them in increments of 5, so there'll be at least one for each bus every time I send a box. I shipped 8 a couple of days ago to get my total to a nice, even 20.

She was here for Christmas and we were talking about the quilts. She told me that she opens the boxes with the bus drivers. I mentioned that the little garden applique quilt had turned out so much cuter than I expected and she paused and said "um.....was there a frog on it? I pulled one out of the box and just caught a glimpse of a frog's eye as it was snatched out of my hands with someone squealing 'I get that for my bus'!" She has no idea how good that made me feel. :)

I had finished two just before Christmas. Here are photos of the other 6 that were sent with them on Thursday:

One of the things I'm starting to struggle with is how to make non-kid fabrics look cute and/or whimsical. I have some kid prints, but not a ton. And my goal is to use up some of my stash, so I don't want to buy a lot of fabric. So now I'm perusing old magazines and Pinterest!

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  1. One thing I have seen used to make many patterns appeal to children is to applique a good sized animal figure on top of the piecing, usually in a corner.

    1. Oh, that's a great idea - thanks Christine!