Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For the pantry

We recently bought a new house. I love it more and more the longer we're here. However, it has pretty high ceilings. That includes the pantry, so there's quite a bit of empty space between the top shelf and the ceiling. For some dumb reason, that bothers me. The whole house needs some serious decorator help and I'm bugged by high space in the pantry - go figure!

Anyway, I've decided to make some little wall hangings for in there. I want fun and whimsical and something I can make from scraps. So I messed around with some applique and free-motion, scribble-type stitching and came up with this:

However, I'm not 100% thrilled with it. I wonder if I should've made individual pictures. I'm going to try a couple other ideas, like some fruit or maybe an uneven layer cake.

The lighting in there is awful.  Hey! I'm pretty sure that's the problem with my cooking!

 Anyway, here's how they looked before any stitching:

And here's how it looks from outside the pantry, looking in:

The picture just happens to be near the "snack section" - there really is real food in there too!

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  1. You could use the hanging as a table runner too. It is very cute...