Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bow Tie Plan

I made 80 orange bow ties for April's Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

And I loosely mapped out a plan for this quilt. I'll make (48) 8" finished blocks and use a 6 across/8 down block layout. Each block will be made up of (16) 2" finished bow ties. So I'll need 768 scrappy bow ties. The RSC16 posts a new color each month for 10 months (the last two months are reserved to sew the blocks together and quilt and bind). I'll need to make 80 (or fewer) of each monthly color.

What a fantastic way to make me sort through bins of scraps, using up little pieces and cutting and/or sorting fabrics.

Now I just need to get the previous 3 months caught up! It should go pretty quickly, though. These little bow ties are unbelievably fast to sew together.

Yesterday, I got the purple squares cut out. :)


  1. Your bowtie blocks are perfect for an RSC project! Looks like you are ready to go on the other colors, too!

  2. Those are tiny! And you can always roll into the next year as well. But welcome to a very fun party.

  3. I am making a bow tie quilt but am only using scraps and no colour theme. I am also using different size blocks. Thanks for the push. I need to get it out again and start the next size.
    Wow that's great progress you made.

  4. Eighty?!? Wow! You are ambitious! But I know your quilt will be cute and I'll be here with the others cheering you on! But like Sally said, you can roll it into next year...

  5. Woohoo! That's a mountain of sweet little bowties! With more mountains to come!
    It's going to be a fantastic quilt!

  6. A great start. Bowties are such addictive bocks I am sure you will be caught up in no time.

  7. What a great plan for a RSC project!

  8. I like your style! Little blocks and using up scraps! That's going to be one awesome looking quilt. (I've been making 3 inch spool blocks as an RSC project for 3 years).

  9. Your 3" Bow Tie blocks are SEW cute!! They MAY even be cuter than my Tiny Nines... 80 of them in one month is AWESOME!! Have fun using all those small bits from your scrap stash.

  10. They may be tiny, but they will surely make a big impact. Love the purple/blue piles you cut. It's going to be a great quilt.

  11. WOW. Just Wow.
    The blocks are cut 1 1/2 inches, right? But how small does that make the 'knot' part of the bow tie? One inch seems too big, but I can't imagine cutting and using squares smaller than one inch!!

    1. Hi Linda! (hope you see this as I was unable to respond to you directly) You are exactly right about cutting the blocks. For each block, I cut (2) 1-1/2" white squares, (2) 1-1/2" orange squares, and (2) 1" orange squares. I thought the same as you - that 1" square would look a little too big. But, I guess because you sew it diagonally and then lose 1/4" off 2 sides for seam allowances, it works!

      The cool thing is I don't have to mark the diagonal lines because they're so small. So I can make tons of these little blocks in no time. :)