Sunday, May 29, 2016

July 4th Wall Hanging

My parents live in an age-restricted neighborhood - neighborhood might be a tad misleading because there are about 15,000 residents in their "neighborhood". Anyway, they go out to breakfast once a month with a small group of people that live around their block.

Recently, one of the ladies stuck a sticker on the bottom of someone's plate and that person won the centerpiece from the table. (I had visions of everyone dumping omelets and waffles all over the table, checking to see if they won!)

Anyway, my mom decided that was a lot fun and she probably needed to get in on the action. Now, my mom is more "get in on" and less "action" when it comes to most everything! So that prompted a phone call to me requesting a Fourth of July wall hanging she could offer as the next prize.

I scrolled around Pinterest for awhile and found a free pattern to make this:

It's pretty small - maybe 10" x 15", so I hope it's okay!


  1. That is a very cute wallhanging and what a fun idea for a group. That was great of you to make it for her.

    1. Thanks Julie! They really seem to have fun - my parents always look forward to those breakfast get togethers.