Thursday, January 1, 2015

I seriously thought it would be a lot

I have somewhere north of a gazillion yards of fabric. Occasionally I buy more. Usually, I just stare at my stash and tell myself I really need to use what I have (isn't that the quilter's mantra?). Mine is so ridiculously big that when my daughter asked me to make aprons for the little kids at the Head Start where she is the director, I jumped at the opportunity without even considering how many she needed. I was intent on whittling down my enormous pile of fabric.

I searched for inspiration and free apron tutorials on the internet and came up with a simple full (and reversible) apron that would use up 2 fat quarters per apron. I whipped one up, mailed it to her and waited patiently for her response.

She loved it and said, "can you make me about 400?" (...crickets chirping...)

Then I did the math - 400 aprons, 2 FQs each = 200 yards! YES! Certainly that'll reduce my stash to few measly scraps. So with the help of a fabulous group of ladies I completed the task and, unfortunately.........

.......did very little damage to my stash!

However, I remain determined. So this is my blog about scrap quilting and using up my stash. I'll be posting lots of scrappy inspiration, some tutorials and maybe a little babbling :) and I'd love to hear your thoughts and ideas along the way!



  1. The kids lived the aprons!! Amazing how a little fabric can make such a difference! :)

  2. Just looked through your whole blog... Keep up the good work. You have some lovely projects being done...